In this day of modern shopping, more and more people buy things online and have them delivered to their address. This is definitely a more convenient way of shopping. However, this gave way to the birth of a new breed of thieves, the porch pirates.

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One day, a woman noticed that something wrong was going on at her front porch. She went out just in time to catch a man who is in the middle of stealing her package.


In a video that is probably taken by a CCTV, a man can be seen walking suspiciously in the neighborhood. He made a turn and went straight to the woman’s house. He probably saw the package waiting at her doorstep and decided that that is the perfect target.

He grabbed the package and started to run towards a car that’s waiting for him by the sidewalk. Unfortunately for the thieves, the woman saw them immediately. Her dog went out to chase the thief with her close behind.

The woman clearly said, “Get ’em, Zero!” to her dog as he ran outside. Zero was fast and he almost got to the thief before he went inside the car. The thief dropped the package to the ground and sped off from the neighborhood.

Zero definitely saved the day as he successfully stopped the thieves from stealing his owner’s package.

This is just one of the feel-good stories that show how reliable and righteous dogs are. They show their loyalty in the most touching ways and they are always there to save their owners and their things.

Hopefully, this will warn all the porch thieves out there to always beware of the dog. The thief in this story may have gotten away but worse things could happen to bad guys if they continue on preying to homes with a very loyal and agile dog.

Video from ViralHog on Youtube

Thanks to Mashable for sharing this story.



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