There is no question that there are numerous accounts of dogs being praised for their loyalty and bravery, however, this story may top them all.

In Podgoric, the capital of Montenegro, lay a dog in the middle of the street. The dog caught eye of a woman walking towards him with shopping bags in hand.

While watching the woman, the dog notices a man tailing the woman with a nefarious demeanor.


In one act of bravery the dog was caught on video performing the most amazing act.

The man, who was seen wearing a yellow jacket, grew closer to the woman. Oblivious to the man, the woman continued to walk at a normal speed.

The video captures how the dog analyzed the scene, taking into consideration the two subjects from the very beginning, and was able to deduce something is very wrong.

We see his body tense up as he looks with unwavering concentration since he senses that some danger in the current situation.

Suddenly, the man attacks from behind, but is stopped in his tracks as the dog had amazingly anticipated the attack and intervened. The dog jumps right against the man, biting his backside.

The thief, surprised by the dog, let the woman’s bag go and fled the scene with the dog chasing behind him. The dog ran after the thief closely and attempted to get another bite onto the man.

Thanks to our friends at The Animal Bible for sharing this story!



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