One day in Little Rock, Arkansas, a father and son team of Bret and Zach Winingar were riding their motorcycles down a road near some fields.

They saw something out of the corner of their eyes! It was very small and it almost blended in with the grass around it. What could it be?

Bret and Zach got off of their motorcycles and went to examine that something that had caught their eyes. They had no idea what it was, but they went with their gut feeling and just had to check it out!


It was a white box with some holes in it. What could possibly be inside of it?

It was really a dog cage with pre-existing holes it in. However, there were some bite marks on the cage. There must be someone inside trying to escape by biting her way out!

The father and son team opened up the cage and they found a large black dog. Someone must have locked her up in this cage and abandoned her by throwing her off the side of the road!

The large black dog didn’t look too happy. She was skin and bones due to being locked in the cage for so long.

The cage was also riddled with feces since the dog had nowhere else to use the bathroom and the dog smelled terribly. She also had scars and streaks of blood on her since it was so cramped inside the small cage.

Fortunately, Bret and his family have a number of dogs at home and they have a supply of dog food that their newly found dog could really use. However, Bret and Zach only had their motorcycles with them, so they had no good way of bringing the dog back.

They decided to rush back to get Zach’s truck and bring some dog food over to where the newly found dog was at. Would they make it back in time?

Bret thought that they were either too late or the dog had moved somewhere else and they would never be able to find her again. Miraculously, the dog was still there and called out to the duo with a growl.

They had no idea how long the dog was trapped in the cage, but if she still had it in her to growl, she probably wouldn’t have starved to death by now. They made it in time and drove her home in Zach’s truck.

The family gave the dog her first bath in a long time and named her after their Honda motorcycles they were riding, “Charlie Bravo.”

They took Charlie to the vet and her nails got so long that they even grew backwards into her paws. It was so painful that she could barely walk!

At first, Bret and his family weren’t going to adopt Charlie at first as they already had many dogs at home, but they felt that Charlie was so special and the story of her rescue was so memorable that they couldn’t live without her.

The Winingars posted the story of how they rescued Charlie on Facebook and received a ton of money via donations to support them and her. There were so many donations that they even donated a good portion of it to a local animal shelter!

Charlie now lives happily and healthily with the Winingars thanks to them for rescuing her. She now thrives with her new family due to the support she received!

Thanks to our friends at TheAnimalBible for sharing this story!



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