A family that was evicted from their apartment a week ago had tied up their dog underneath the bathroom sink with a leash.

The dog, named Autumn, was tied to the pipes underneath the sink with a bowl of Raisin Bran in front of her. Autumn was left alone in this position for at least a week before she was rescued.

Being stuck in this position caused a negative impact on Autumn’s health. She suffered a severe neck injury due to being tied up by her neck and this caused her a lot of pain.


Fortunately, the property manager was aware of what was happening to the dog and posted a plea on Facebook, calling for someone to rescue and take in Autumn. The police filed a report about the dog. It was Kate’s Rescue for Animals who came to the rescue and took Autumn in.

The volunteers took Autumn to a nearby hospital to treat her neck injuries. Autumn also experienced an open wound on her neck. The vets determined that surgery was needed to treat her injuries and save her life.

The vets cut off the collar that was tied to her and concluded that Autumn must have been tied up for a considerable amount longer than a week, even though her family had left her a week ago. It was reported that Autumn’s case was a case of neglect by her family.

Autumn underwent her surgery and while she faced a sudden fever just days after the surgery, she recovered to full health and is feeling much better than before with her new owner.

Autumn might not have been able to survive much longer had she been left tied to the pipes underneath the bathroom sink, but fortunately, she was rescued before it was too late!

Her new owners say that she’s very happy, sweet, and back to her self now that she’s finally getting the love she deserves. Replacing the neglect she experienced with real love for Autumn was all that it took for her to make a full recovery!

Thanks to our friends at Thedodo for sharing this story!



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