Dogs and Putting the Lives of Their Owners Before Their Own

There have been many situations where a dog risks his or her own life to save his or her human owner. Dogs have rescued humans from burning buildings, fought against intruders to protect their owners, alerted their owners about emergencies, and even taken bullets to save their owners.

Dogs must certainly care about their human counterparts a ton to be willing to make even the ultimate sacrifice for them!


Reports on Dog Heroes

In Baltimore, Maryland in June 2017, a fire trapped an eight month old infant named Viviana inside a burning building. After firefighters rescued her, it was found that the family dog named Polo was laying on top of Viviana in an attempt to save her. Viviana survived, but unfortunately, Polo didn’t make it out to see her alive.

In Connecticut in 2012, a family dog noticed that the family’s infant daughter stopped breathing in the middle of the night and notified her parents by getting them up in time to save her.

In Atlanta in 2014, a dog took a bullet during a road rage incident to shield a woman and a child to save them. The dog died due to taking the bullet, making the ultimate sacrifice for the family.

What Motivates Dogs to Save Human Lives?

Dogs have an incredible ability to empathize with their owners and some have studied that dogs can “read our minds” unlike any other species. Sometimes dogs are so attached to their owners, they often just happen to be in the exact right place at the exact right time to be able to save them from danger.

The bond between a dog owner and a dog can be strikingly similar to the bond between a parent and child of the same species. Dog owners often see their dogs as members of their family as if they were the same species. This bond is what drives one member of the family to save another.

Oxytocin Experiment

When a human parent and child look each other in the eyes, a hormone called oxytocin is released and makes both of them feel good. This “oxytocin loop” motivates the parent to protect his or her child and to always put the child first.

The same occurs when a dog owner and a dog look each other in the eyes. It’s similar to hugging each other with their eyes. It creates a bond that motivates them to protect each other at all costs.



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