Dogs Are Quite Similar to Human Beings

Dogs can often act more like human beings than like animals. Dogs can even read the facial expressions of their owners, watch TV with their owners, and communicate feelings as humans do. Many dog owners consider their dogs as members of their families despite being a different species.

History of Dog and Human Evolution


A long time ago, dogs acquired these human-like traits when they evolved from wolves to domestic dogs more than 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. Dogs and humans have a relationship that goes tens of thousands of years back.

Dogs are arguably the only species to have evolved specifically to be the companions of their human counterparts and dogs and humans have a lot in common. Many consider dogs to be “man’s best friend.”

Biology of Dogs and Humans

Dog owners probably find this no surprise, but dogs can be trained very similarly to human infants. Striking similarities can be seen between a parent-child relationship and a dog owner-dog relationship.

Many animals, including dogs, can follow human gazes because it alerts animals about everything. Untrained dogs tend to instinctively follow human gazes, whereas trained dogs seemed to have learned to focus on the human’s face rather than which direction the human is looking in. Trained dogs share a similar trait to humans in that we tend to look at faces rather than where other people are looking.

It is quite interesting that dogs make eye contact with humans in this manner. Some dogs don’t even make eye contact with their own species, but many dogs maintain this bond with their human partners!

Dogs also face a decline in their logical reasoning skills and in their memory, as their human counterparts do. The minds of dogs are not dissimilar to those of humans.





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