Stronger Than Our Noses

Many of us know that dogs noses are a lot stronger than our own. Some scientists have concluded that the noses of dogs are 1,000,000 times better than human noses. Dogs have noses that can detect odors from hundreds of meters away.

Sometimes their amazing sense of smell is impressive. It’s not difficult for dogs to tell humans apart by their smell. No two humans have the same scent, similar to our fingerprints, and that’s all dogs need to be able to identify us. Dogs can even tell where we’ve been by the scent we leave on the objects we touch.


On the other hand, the downside of having a super powerful nose is that we humans smell terribly. Dogs would tell us that we stink if they could. Our human armpits produce one of the worst odors out of any species. We also sweat through our skin and this produces a lot of odors that dogs can smell.

In this article, we’ll introduce the breeds of dogs with the top three most powerful noses:

Bronze Medal: The Beagle

The Beagle is one of the smaller breeds of dogs, but this fellow’s got a super strong nose. The Beagle can identify almost 50 different distinct odors. The Beagle has been employed in airports to detect foods that have been imported or exported illegally.

Silver Medal: The Basset Hound

Just like the Beagle, the Basset Hound is another dog breed that comes from the hound family. Basset Hounds have very short legs and their bodies almost touch the floor as they walk. The Basset Hound originates from France and the word “bas” means “low” in French.

Basset Hounds have skin that hangs down from their chins and this skin structure helps keep the scents closer to their noses. This helps Basset Hounds do their sniffing jobs.

The hanging skin also sometimes causes the Basset Hounds to look “sad” as it somewhat resembles the look of a sad frown on a human’s face.

Gold Medal: The Bloodhound

The king of the strongest dog noses is the Bloodhound. Bloodhounds have noses with as many as 300 scent receptors, also known as “olfactory cells” more scientifically. This amount of scent receptors the Bloodhound has is more than 40 times the amount in our human noses. Their scent receptors are also much bigger than ours, in addition to having more of them.

The Bloodhound can track scents on both the ground and in the air. Bloodhounds have even been employed in some courts due to how reliably they can determine whether a human has been to a location before or not.



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