More Than Just Cute Companions

Dogs are known for their loyal nature and for being the only species to have specifically evolved to be the companions of humans. However, dogs are more than just our furry friends, they also pack a pretty powerful bite and some of their bites are even deadly!

How Dog Bites Are Measured


Dog bites are measured in PSI or “Pounds per Square Inch.” Some breeds of dogs bite down harder than others. Many dogs have a bite force of 238 PSI. Normally dogs don’t bite, but if you’re in danger, there’s a good chance your dog won’t hesitate to protect you.

A force of 238 PSI is so strong that it could break any bone in an attacker’s body that might threaten you or your dog.

Dogs With The Top Three Strongest Bites

Three breeds of dogs have a bite force more than 300 PSI. The Wolfdog (the child of a domestic dog and wolf couple) bites with a PSI of 406. That’s extremely strong, but the Wolfdog is not often kept as a pet as it is very dangerous and there are not that many domestic wolves to go along with domestic dogs.

The second dog is the English Mastiff, who bites with a PSI of 556. The English Mastiff is kept as a domestic pet more often than the Wolfdog. This dog is often calm around children and other human fellows, but needs to be fed a lot on a daily basis to keep going. You don’t want to get this fellow upset. This dog is very powerful with a 556 PSI bite and is also one of the physically largest breeds of dogs out there.

Lastly, the dog who has the toughest bite of them all is the Kangal (also known as the Kangal Shepherd Dog), with a 743 PSI bite. That’s over 3 times the PSI dogs typically bite with and is more than enough to break any human bones. Kangals come from Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan.

Sometimes these Kangals are employed as home protectors or in the police force as they can serve as excellent guardians. They are incredibly protective over their human owners and those who they consider members of their own family.

Surprisingly, the Kangal is not only found as a wild dog or a working dog, but also as a domestic dog. It takes a large amount of courage to raise one of these fellows due to how dangerous their bites can be, but Kangals can still serve as loyal companions as many domestic dogs do.



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