(1) Your Dog Appreciates Having a Mentor

Many of us grew up with other humans surrounding us and they taught us some of our basic skills rather than learning them all on our own. Sometimes we like having a senior around as we can model our learning after them.

Dogs feel the same way. Dogs with a mentor of the same species as themselves can learn from them and that can be better than them learning on their own. Dogs often model their behavior after that of older dogs. If the older dog performs a trick and gets rewarded for it with a treat, the younger dog might quickly learn that if he performs a trick, he will also get the reward.


(2) Dogs Can Be As Intelligent as Toddlers

Your dog is probably a lot smarter than you think he is. Dogs can learn how to count, as a 2 year old can, and have the mental capacity to store about 250 words in their minds, and can quickly learn how to perform tricks in order to get their rewards for performing them.

(3) Dogs Do Not Retaliate

There are quite a few dog owners who take out their anger onto their dogs and yell and curse at their dogs. However, the dogs do not seek to retaliate or seek revenge on their owners.

While dogs are trained to fight to protect themselves if need be and might have quite a high mental capacity, they don’t exactly have the mental capacity to plan out an act of revenge against their owners. Dogs might use the bathroom on the carpet floor or feel irritated, but that is a result of dogs not getting enough attention from their owners and of boredom. It is an alternative form of entertainment rather than an act of revenge onto their owners.

(4) Dogs Thrive on a Healthy Treatment by Their Owners

While dogs might not retaliate against their owners, they are better off being treated as a member of a family rather than being in relationship where they are yelled at all the time. Dogs feel much healthier when they are given affection and attention as they feel much safer and happier.

Dogs who do not feel that they are true members of the family are more likely to feel emotionally insecure, unhappy, and unsafe. It’s in their owners’ best interest to treat their dogs well so that they can live mentally healthy lives!



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