Darcy is a french bull dog with two dog siblings. They’re no strangers to flying in airplanes and Darcy’s owner Michele Burt says they are really excited to be traveling.

They would embark on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts. However, during the flight, Darcy began to hit her head against carrier’s mesh to alert her owner and showed some signs of distress.

Burt opened it up to give some much needed air to Darcy and soon she realized Darcy’s tongue had turned blue.


A blue tongue is one sign of hypoxia (the lack of oxygen). It was clear that the dog wasn’t getting the oxygen she needed for her survival in the carrier.

Burt took Darcy out of the carrier and sat her down on her lap to cool her down and to help her relax and breath calmly. However, a flight crew member came and told Burt that her pet must remain in the carrier.

Burt apologized to the crew member and told the flight crew that Darcy was in a serious medical condition, so she had to take her dog out of the carrier.

Soon the crew members on the JetBlue flight offered to help Darcy. Diane Asher and Renaud Fenster brought over some ice bags in an effort to cool the dog down back to normal.

Darcy’s tongue returned back to its original color, but she was still painting. Fenster also owns a French bulldog (that goes by the name Penelope), and brought over a mask with a small oxygen tank for Darcy. Burt placed the mask over Darcy’s nose and mouth and her condition improved.

After applying the mask, the immediate result was that her eyes had opened wider than before due to the oxygen. The oxygen mask was quite effective for Darcy’s medical condition. Burt said that the airplane had started its descent and the lower altitude of the flight aided Darcy’s recovery process.

Diane and Renaud had saved a life. Burt wrote a letter to a crew member’s friend and shared it on Facebook with some images of Darcy in a mask. It spread throughout social media.

Renaud and Diane were a huge help and their kindness and sharp thinking in a medical emergency had saved the day. Darcy is still recovering and Burt says that she won’t fly anymore until she recovers fully and the vet gives her the green light to do so.

Burt thanks the JetBlue crew and said that despite the news cycle being negative at times, it is heartwarming that it does sometimes remind you that good peoples are still doing good deeds on a daily basis, whether they are on a small or big scale.

Thanks to our friends at MNN for sharing this story!



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