Not a big fan of rainy days?

Ugh, we rainy season is coming, and we don’t like it, we can’t take a walk in the part or hang dry our clothes and worse, we can’t go out to exercise. So we stay at home, and do indoor activities.

Our dogs would share the sentiment, they can’t go out to play or run around. So, they will stay at home and eventually feel bored. Tendency is, they will be lazy since they can’t exercise.


But you can do something about it.

Treats hunting
A fun activity for your dog, you can get his attention by showing him the treats,they you can hide it in accessible places, you can practice until he gets the idea of the game,this kind of past time can practice his cognitive skills.It’s a simple activity, but it has good benefits for your dog, it can heightened their sense of smell and will practice his patience and perseverance.

Dog toy Ball chasing
This has been a traditional outdoor game between owners and pets.First, you have to move the furnitures around to give them enough space to run around, this will be a perfect way to exercise and move around. Making your dog run a lot can help the test their agility.

Plush toy pulling
Similar to Tug of war, this is a great strength and teeth exercise, you just need have towel, a clean cloth or a plush toy.You just need to be careful cause your dog might bite you out of his playfulness.You should make your tugging go limp when the game is over.Though we might think that excessive tugging and biting can make your dog more forceful, and it can also bring out their competitiveness, so letting them do more of it can make them feel better since you allow them to win.

Obstacle relays
Obstacle relays are really fun, people enjoy it a lot, so what more with our dogs? You can set up the course with boxes, balls and papers. Be creative, think of fun and easy track for them. It should easy because you will just guide them and try to teach them to fetch something first, then gradually, they will have an idea on what they should be doing. You can use a clicker for every successful step they do. Agility relay has great benefits for your dog, first, it is a good form of exercise, second, they can improve their cognitive and motor skills.

Indoor Bone fetching
Bone fetching is their all time favorite activity, this will help them occupied and busy, so they won’t be distracted, yes, it is physically demanding but it is good for them too, running more means exercising more. They would always look forward for bone fetching session with his owner, regardless of the weather.

Free Shaping

You can take advantage of a rainy weather by spending more time with your canine friend, you can help him learn and improve his behaviour, studying new things are always fun for them, it can promote mind simulation. Free Shaping is a really great activity. You start from basic to more advanced after a while. Dogs can easily catch up because they are smart by nature.Only struggle you might have is to make him focused and attentive.

Trick Training
There is nothing cuter than a dog doing tricks, and having a rainy, bad weather shouldn’t stop you from training your dog, teaching them new tricks can be challenging but after a while, your pet will be accustomed to it, you can ask him to do basic stuff first such as sitting and laying down, then slowly transitioning to more complicated chores like getting shoes, opening doors etc.

Rainy weather isn’t so bad after all, especially when you spend time with your pet.



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