Do you come across dog parks often?

You can see dog parks in everywhere you go, every city has it, they know the purpose of setting it up. More dog parks mean more places for our canine friends to go to, these designated areas, are safe for your dogs since this place has fences around to secure it so it makes people’s lives easier especially for dog owners. It is the perfect place for your dog to unwind, run around and play with other dogs.

They can do different activities like playing fetch with their fur parents, they can enjoy chasing other dogs.


In short, dogs parks are haven for our dogs, but there would always be an exception. Some dogs can feel uncomfortable in these places. Some dogs can be overwhelmed with the sight of many other dogs, so they feel anxious and stressed. So if it’s dog’s first time to visit a dog park, you have to guide him well, so that he will not feel awkward with other dogs. We should control them, so that we can avoid any dog brawls in the park.

Be mindful of your dog’s behavior, if you think he is not ready, be patient, you can take him to pet day care in your place or go to your friend’s house, the ones who have pets too.

Make sure that if your dog has aggressiveness issues, you address it.

At some point, I know, dog parent has been frustrated and agitated with the way their dogs behave in dog parks, our canine friends would sometimes be hesitant to interact and communicate with other dogs, like us, some are anti socials and there could possibly a handful of reasons why they behave that way, probably it’s because they feel anxious and shy in a new environment. It really matters to gradually introduce them to other dogs, so that they will slowly have a state of thinking that it’s okay to mingle with other dogs.

Be patient and try to understand that it might take time before they get the hang of it. After a while, once he is accustomed in going to dog parks, it will be easier for you to observe his behaviors, is he getting along well with other dogs? Is he still shy? What will do you if ever he starts joining dog brawls?

As a responsible dog parent, it is your job to make him at ease and comfortable in many different situation, and that include your usual outdoor walk, your playtime or when it’s dog park time.

As a pet lover, there is nothing that can make you happy than seeing your dogs playing and having fun.

Playing with other dogs is part of their social growth, it is needed for them to develop and improve their communication skills too. They become smarter because of practicing how to relate with others, so they have a good state of thinking. Happy dogs means happy dog owners. Like us, they also need leisure time.



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