Dogs and Massaging


Massage is not just a form of relaxation of humans, it is also a therapy to relieve sore muscles, and to relieve us from anxiety and digestive disorders. Massage is already proven to also help dogs to relax and de-stress. Part of our pampering ways is to let our pups enjoy massages. They will pretty much enjoy the experience, all along soothing them from pain and tension.

Massage your Dog Daily

Do you know that you can give your dogs some maintenance massage daily? It might take you roughly around eight to ten minutes every day. With this massage, you can help relieve stress off your dogs daily.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps: with a flat palm, you can simply touch your dog’s body. Make sure you are aware of each body part—paying attention to the layers. First you have to feel their fur down to their skin. You must also pay attention to the muscles down to the bones. This can serve as a bonding time for you and your pet. With this, you will also be familiar with your dog’s body.


So any deviation from his or her normal feeling regarding his body (such as swelling, tight skin, sensitive area), will serve as a clear reminder that something is off your dog’s health physically. You can also recall if there is a difference in the surface temperature of your dog. You daily dog massage will also serve as your daily dog check-up. This can also serve as a daily prevention for conditions that may leave undetected.

Massage Used to Calm Your Dogs

Massage, as mentioned, is used to fight off stress and pain. For most cases, massage is proven effective to calm nervous dogs. For example, your dog might be stressed out on a cold and rainy night and would shiver from fear upon hearing the thunder.

By giving them a massage, your dog might be able to endure the noisy night. You can very much reduce his stress by imitating strokes that could relax your dog’s nervous system. All you need to do is use your flat palm and simply lay it upon your dog’s head and down to the neck. Stroke, passing along the spine, to the tail. This technique will soothe your dog’s nervous system. You can see if your dog is digging this kind of massage.

If you can notice that they like it, then you can slowly add up the pressure down the spine to the tail. You can repeat the process until your dog calms down. This can very much help them for they will feel the touch of their owner during a traumatic time. You can use the same technique during other fearful situations. For example, a trip to the vet where your dog will get shots or if during grooming.

Active Dogs could use Massage before Any Activity

Just like human beings, dogs also need a warm up before engaging in any strenuous activity. This will assure that their joints and muscles won’t feel any shock from the intensity of their exercise and play. Dog massage will also prevent future physical injury. Speaking of injuries and soreness, massage can help relieve joint stiffness.

If you work out or play a sport, you’ve likely been told many a time that warming up your body is a vital part of your fitness routine. Active dogs that compete, run, hike with their owners, or just play hard also deserve a good warm-up, and it may even prevent injury. Start with several minutes of petting strokes over your dog’s entire body. Briskly rub the large muscles (neck, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs) with the heel of your hand.Gently lift and squeeze the muscles.

The technique is a lot like kneading bread dough. Wrap your fingers around each lower leg and squeeze gently. Relax your grip and move up Warm-up for active dogs the leg gradually, squeezing as you go. Finish with more petting over the entire body to stimulate the nerves. Light compressions on affected areas can be done to sooth pain and soreness.

Massage can be a big help to remove stress off your dogs. To know more about massage benefits and other techniques, you can always contact your veterinarian.




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