If you are a casual movie fan, you probably know Glenn Close for her iconic role in the movie 101 Dalmatians. But if you’re a die-hard movie fanatic, you probably know her as the unfortunate actress who once again lost her Oscar bid after seven nominations. But she’s not flustered by the fact the Academy deprived her of that Oscar statuette again.

After all, she bagged the Best Actress trophy from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, which is the cooler version of the Oscars. And if you saw the awards telecast, you’ll probably say that Glenn Close is a winner in all aspects. Case in point, she walked onto the Spirits stage to claim her trophy with her cute dog in tow.

Glenn Close and Pip


Photo courtesy of Amy Sussman/Getty Images via Vanity Fair

Glenn Close may have played a character who is cruel to dogs in 101 Dalmatians, but, in real life, she’s an honest-to-goodness dog lover. And her love of dogs was in full showcase when she brought a canine companion to a glitzy awards show. What Glenn Close probably failed to anticipate was that her dogs could steal the spotlight from her.

And that is what the cute pup did. The pup joined her human on stage when the latter was called the winner of the Best Actress category. While Glenn was giving her thank-you speech, the pup showed off.

Glenn’s pup even rolled over at some point. Yes, that dog is a performer in her own right. Maybe it’s about time the Academy extended it’s acting categories to canine actors.

If that were to happen, surely Glenn Close’s dog would have her own Oscar statuette soon enough. She might even win it way before her extremely talented human, who, by the way, was once again robbed of her Oscar.

Source: Vanity Fair



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