Is there a mess in your house?


Dog owners know the pain that comes with having dog hair scattered all over the place. We all go through the tough hustle of trying to keep our house free from fur. However, this is not as bad as it seems, there are simple hacks that can ease the tedious process.

We’ve taken the time to share a few tips that will lead you in the right direction. Stay tuned and you’ll learn some helpful tips.

Use Covers and Blankets

One of the ways you can keep your house and furniture clean is to have covers and blankets. This will be your best friends in ensuring that you keep your pet’s hair at bay. You can now understand why I alluded to the simplicity of keeping the house clean.


Get some blankets for your dog and lay them where your dog sleeps. Thereafter, make sure that you wash them every now and then. This will save you a great deal of time and energy.

Remember that we intend to keep the whole process simple. You don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing a special vacuum cleaner. Consider the many household items that you have. A good example would be a dryer sheet.

Dryer Sheets

A dryer sheet will pick-up the pet hair in your house. They work perfectly while picking up dog hair. Whether you’re using them around the floor corners or on the furniture. They work perfectly fine. This will keep your couch and furniture clean.

Roll Tapes and Rubber Brooms

The next time you’re on your way out of the house only to find dog hair on your clothes, don’t fuss. There’s a solution to this. Just grab yourself a roll tape and snag the hair out of your clothes.

The next time you’re trying to pick-up pet hair from your carpet. Try using a rubber broom, it works wonders. This is especially the case when you’re about to vacuum clean the carpet. It’s also wise to consider dampening your carpet before cleaning it up.

Using a Wet Mop and Sponge

If you have a Vinyl floor, try using a slightly wet mop, which is very effective at picking up the pet hair. If you need to get rid of hair from the furniture, try using a wet sponge. This will go a long way in removing the pet hair from your furniture.


If you opt to vacuum clean the house, consider this. Try vacuum cleaning in alternate directions. This will end up picking up more hair. If need be, empty the vacuum often. This will keep the vacuum running in an efficient manner.

Use a Squeegee to clean up the carpet

The next time you’re trying to remove the dog hair from the carpet. Consider this, you have a squeegee in the house. It works perfectly at removing the pet hair from the carpet. Rub it along the carpet and you’ll collect a huge chunk of hair.




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