Love your furry friend?


Dogs give that one kind of perfect happiness. They provide a household with boundless laughter and limitless fun. They are stress relievers, they are a shoulder to cry on and they are a family’s loyal protector. Have you ever wondered how can you give back and make your furry friend happy?  

Here are some of the ways you could bring happiness to your dog:

Routinary care

Since dogs cannot properly communicate what they need, it is important and a big responsibility for the owner to consider routine care for a dog. For example, a bi-monthly general checkup with a veterinarian would help in determining if a dog has an underlying disease. Doing so would prevent catastrophic sickness and will maintain the overall well-being of a dog. Aside from a routine check-up with a veterinarian, a weekly or monthly grooming will also make your dog feel special. This will maintain a soft and shiny fur of coat that is huggable by the entire family.

Meeting nutritional needs

It’s easy to say that you would want to commit to making sure that your dog only eats healthy. However, this requires being able to adapt to a dog’s physical and nutritional requirement as it ages. In addition, learning and research should be given a thorough consideration before preparing a new diet for your dog. For example, during a dog’s puppy phase, the diet would mainly consist of proteins and carbohydrates for muscle building and energy-providing. But you can’t just stick on this menu for the rest of its life. As a dog grow older, his body would require different nutrients and as an owner, it is your responsibility to prepare it.


Lots of exercises


Dogs love to move. They are built for adventures. Notice how your dog wag its tail in excitement whenever you ask if it wants to walk? Dogs are bred for movement. They are creatures oozing with energy. They need constant exercise to channel their excessive energy into something productive. Aside from the many physical benefits an exercise could provide, activities like these are a great bonding time for you and your dog.

Stimulating your dog’s mind

The fastest way of becoming an old dog is to stop learning new tricks. Yet, challenging your dog’s creativity and curiosity doesn’t have to entail with only learning new tricks. Stimulating your dog’s mind can be through a simple exploration. Go somewhere you both have never been and let him explore and trigger his senses like smell, sight and hearing. Give him a new object that he can play with and let him be the one in charge of doing something with.

Love and affection

An expression of love never goes out of style. Give your dog a nice back rub when he runs over to meet you when you’ve just finished a day’s work. Let him sit on the sofa when he wants a cuddle with you. Give him a treat for a disciplined behavior during the time he did not chew that part of the couch. It takes a few moments to appreciate your dog and show that you love him too.



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