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Dog Toys


Dog toys are a necessity for anyone owning a dog. It’s used to entertain these furry friends during moments of boredom and when they are having separation anxiety. It’s also a good way to help them get a well-needed exercise. When your dog is misbehaving it’s best to have a toy to distract and redirect that behavior to something else. As important as toys can be, there is also a set of dangers that come with them if not maintained properly.

For starters, you should always keep your dog’s toy in a single file, like putting them in a toy box. You can train them to put away their toys and place them in that box. Furthermore, you should always make sure to check the toys if they have damage and clean them regularly.

Tossing Toys

It’s important to give these toys a thorough inspection. Toys that are too small should be disposed of, as well as toys that have large bite marks and been eaten. You should also dispose of dismantled stuffed toys, this means throwing away toys with dangling parts too. When you wash a toy and it still stinks consider disposing of it.


Rubber and Nylon Toys


Some good tools to use when cleaning these type of toys is old toothbrushes or a brush specifically designed for cleaning nylon. Hot water and the usual soap are good cleaning substances. If you really want to go the extra mile throw it inside a dishwasher but without a detergent; this will be sufficient to remove deep-seated dirt and grime. However, if you decide to do this check the toy’s packaging if it’s allowed to be put inside a dishwasher.

Stuffable Toys

You can use a similar process when cleaning toys that can be stuffed with food. Keep in mind that food particles tend to get stuck in the small spaces or nook of these type of toys. When this happens and you don’t do anything dangerous bacteria might accumulate and can risk harming your pet. Using dish soap and hot water thoroughly clean this toy, again, using a toothbrush or any suitable brush. The dishwasher is an efficient cleaning method to consider but always check first if the toy is allowed to be put in it.

Plush or Soft Toys

The dishwasher is also a good place to clean soft toys like ropes and anything similar. An interesting method of sterilization is by using the microwave. Wet them and put them in for one minute max. Always remember to take them out carefully because you can expect these toys to come out hot. Always keep in mind to read the packaging and check if these methods are allowed. Stuffed animals can be whirled inside a washing machine. Dryers can also be used.

You should know how to keep your dog’s toys clean and safe and you’ll enjoy the company of your dog better. Always check, always make it fun for them to play. A good toy keeps your pet dog happy.



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