When It Can Happen

Sometimes your dog might bite you while you are playing together or someone else’s dog might attack you while you are walking down the street without warning. It happens. You might not be able to prevent a dog bite from happening in the first place, but it is important to know what to do in order to treat it right away.

What Happens To Your Skin After A Dog Bite


Dogs have both large teeth in the front and smaller teeth in the back. If the dog bites onto your skin hard enough, the large front teeth can compress the tissue in your skin and the smaller teeth can tear your skin open.

You might have a nasty open wound in your skin with jagged teeth marks and this is dangerous because it could become infected. Getting an infection can be severe in the worst cases, especially if you have diabetes, which makes your infection risk even greater.

What you should do right away is to press on your skin so that some blood comes out and try to get as much bacteria from the dog bite out as possible. Wash the wound as best as you can with soap and water and use a clean cloth to slow down the bleeding. Put a bandage on your wound and change the bandage many times per day.

You should also see a doctor that same day you are bitten by a dog and preferably within 8 hours. Waiting too long increases your infection risk. If you notice any signs of infection (redness, pain, fever, swelling), mention it to your doctor as soon as possible.

What Is Deadly About Dog Bite Infections?

About half of dog bites contain bacteria. Also, feral dogs and non-vaccinated dogs potentially carry and transfer rabies. Your doctor will most likely ask you what kind of dog bit you so that he or she knows more information about the type of dog bite. Keeping the bacteria from spreading is the most important.

How Will Your Doctor Treat Your Wound?

Hopefully your doctor knows how to treat your wound better than you do. Most likely your doctor will first thoroughly clean your wound out and prescribe antibiotics for you. The antibiotics help to prevent the infection.

Most likely, your doctor will leave your dog wound open to heal fully, but there is a chance that your doctor will give you stitches if the wound is very severe. Some dog bites are so severe that they could leave nasty scars if left open.



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