Those of you who have ever lived in a flat or apartment, I’m sure you’ve seen the janitors and maintenance workers inside doing repairs and cleaning. Tenants allow these maintenance workers inside their rooms and apartments to do the basic fixes to the equipment and to ensure that your facilities are both fully functional and clean.

As a result, maintenance workers are get to see what’s inside the homes of many people who reside in that apartment building. Usually they don’t look around for very long for the sake of the privacy of the residents who live there, but there was a time where someone saved a dog’s life due to what he saw inside.

Once a maintenance worker named Mikey came across a dog (more specifically a gray pit bull) in Clayton County, Georgia after being called inside to fix something. This dog was extremely malnourished due to his owner not feeding him properly and looked like skin and bones.


The dog also had burns on his paws. It was clear that the dog was being abused, burned, and underfed by his owner.

Mikey felt so sorry for the poor dog. No one (including dogs) should ever have to be treated like that and have to go through this kind of lifestyle.

Mikey contacted the police about his aim to rescue the dog to save his life, but the police responded that rescuing the dog from its owner is theft. I find it so sad that the dog is considered the property of its owner and unless the owner feeds him properly (which is unfortunately entirely up to the discretion of the owner and not the dog), the dog is “trapped” in this mess he did not create.

Animal control, who Mikey contacted, left notices about the abuse on the door of this dog owner. However, the abuse not only continued, but it got worse.

One day, the dog owner abandoned the dog and left him outside on the streets in a small cage. It’s a cruel thing to do: to fail to feed your dog properly and then throw him out onto the streets because he’s so malnourished to do anything. However, the dog owner was no longer the property of his owner.

Mikey could now rescue the dog. He drove the dog to the nearest animal hospital (about an hour and a half away). The vets thought that the dog was in critical condition, but he would be able to survive under the care of the animal hospital, thanks to Mikey for the rescue.

The dog was severely underweight, weighing only 10 kg (24 lbs), which was half of what he should weigh. Four girls donated their allowances for the sake of his recovery and visited him in the hospital as often as possible.

The dog ended up surviving and they named him after the maintenance worker who saved his life: Mikey

Thanks to our friends at Newsner for sharing this story!



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