Most potential pet owners choose the easier route when purchasing puppies from pet stores or breeders instead of adopting from animal shelters. Both options are acceptable, depending on what your specific needs are. Responsible breeders and local animal shelters both offer groomed and well-cared for dogs, with up-to-date vaccinations and basic training.

However, some pressing concerns would make you consider adopting from a local animal shelter. Choosing from a shelter costs less, offer temperament and personality evaluation for compatibility, and sometimes gives fully trained adult dogs. Most importantly, a dog adopted is a dog saved from possible euthanasia.

Man gives everything up to travel across 48 states and rescue as many dogs as possible


Raising awareness about the advantages of dog adoption is Lee Asher’s mission in life. His passion for this cause is so great that he decided to leave his old life behind and proceeded to travel across the country to rescue as many shelter animals as he possibly can.

Even from a young age, Lee is an advocate of animal shelters. He would foster animals and work at finding them their own loving homes. As an adult, he continued to care for animals, sometimes even adopting some of them himself.

Lee aims for an even bigger dream, and that is to save all animals from being kept in animal shelters. An overwhelming mission, but he has the will to see it through. He aims to start by raising awareness that shelter animals all deserve loving homes and are capable of being wonderful family companions.

To show his commitment to this cause, he left his job and started traveling cross-country using an RV. His best friend also joined in on the adventure, along with Lee’s six adopted dogs. So far, the motley crew already covered 31 states and helped 90 dogs find their forever families.

Lee admits there is still so much work to be done. Until the day comes that there are no more animals in local shelters, Lee and his friends will move forward and do what they can to achieve their ultimate goal.

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