Dogs are very fascinating creatures and are arguably the only non-human species to have evolved specifically to become the companions of humans. Dogs and humans share an alliance that goes tens of thousands of years back. Here are some interesting facts about dogs that you might not have known!

(1) More Than 35 Breeds Of Dogs Have Spotted Tongues

Dogs experience spots on their tongues, similar to how some humans experience birthmarks, freckles, or spots on our skin. Many dogs have pink tongues with black spots on them.


Most of the time, these spots on their tongues are unique physical traits like our human birthmarks that cause no harm, but sometimes they can be a more serious medical condition that your vet should take a look at.

Oral cancers, Canine melanoma, and Cell Carcinoma are uncommon, but can look like spots on their tongues and appear to be normal. This might make it more difficult for your dog to chew if tumors grow in his or her mouth. If you brush your dog’s teeth, take a look at any signs of any tumors that might be growing in your dog’s mouth.

(2) Dog Urine Can Kill Grass

Dog urine contains urea, a form of nitrogen, which kills grass. Too much nitrogen causes damage to the grass and burns it. This is similar to how a large concentrated amount of fertilizer placed in one location can kill the grass there.

Female dogs are more likely to kill grass than male dogs. Female dogs squat when they urinate, which causes their urine to pile up in a collected area and this leads to dead grass.

Male dogs usually lift up one leg rather than squat, causing their urine to spray in multiple directions, rather than it all ending up in the same concentrated location. The urine of female and male dogs contain the same contents, but they eject the urine in different ways.

(3) Greyhounds Have A Top Speed of 45 MPH

We all know that many dogs can outrun humans by a large margin, but did you know that some of the fastest dogs are even faster than cars?

The dog with the highest top speed is the Greyhound, who can run at 45 MPH. A good amount of our roads have a speed limit lower than 45 MPH. Also to put this into perspective, Greyhounds can outrun horses.

Greyhounds run like Cheetahs, have long legs, and a flexible spine, which allow for their fast running speeds. Greyhounds also have slender and aerodynamic bodies.



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