Someone was sobbing. So Diana Chapa decided to follow the sound that led her outside the wooden fence of an old house in one of the neighborhoods of Houston, Texas. Curious and a bit concerned, she peeped through a small gap and there she saw a miserable view and her heart was crushed.

An awfully skinny and hunched dog was curled up on the cemented patio. The poor dog didn’t have food. He had didn’t have shelter, too. All he had was a bowl that was probably filled with rainwater because the house where he was found was empty. Clearly, the dog was abandoned.


Immediately, Chapa dialed animal control. She requested that at least one of them come in to help and rescue the helpless Boxer mix. Sadly, days passed but no one came.

“After about a week, she eventually thought she can’t take it any longer,” said Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Cofounder Stacey Silverstein. “So she decided to bust open the gate then took him out.”

Chapa got the dog out and brought him home. She fed her then gave him something to drink plus a warm and cozy bed. And on top of that, she showered him with plenty of attention and love.

“He was relieved and was so grateful having been rescued,” said Silverstein. “Chapa said that he took a deep breath. He probably knew that he’s finally safe.”

Chapa also took the liberty of knowing what exactly happened with Joshua. She asked around and learned from the neighborhood that Joshua, roughly 6, used to be a family pet. However, he was kept outside his entire life and never managed to step foot inside the house.

“He was 100% outside dog. There was no way he ever lived in the house. Not even for a second.”

Joshua was emaciated and severely undernourished that he needed to see the vet right away. So the following day, Chapa brought him to the local veterinary clinic where she’s one of the vet techs. And Joshua seemed to be the happiest dog to be at a vet’s clinic ever.

Photo Credits to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Right now, Joshua is still under treatment. But the moment he stabilizes, he’ll fly to New York City where he will continue to receive treatment under the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. And eventually, once he’s recuperated and ready, Joshua will start his search for his forever loving family.



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