A pair of dogs named Gigi and Hank, previously known as Gretel and Hansel, joined the shelters together were kenneled together. They were each given their own beds, but did not accept sleeping apart from each other in their own beds if they were not together and it was a top priority for them to snuggle with each other. Now that they’ve been adopted, they no longer have to worry about being separated from each other anymore.

The kennel manager, Rick Tunison, at Youngstown, Ohio of the Mahoning County Dog Warden, got hold of the pair of dogs in March. They were Weimaraner-pit bull mixes.

They look like brothers and sisters and were hard to catch and had for a long time been stray dogs on the road. Finally, Tunison lured Hansel with canned food into the van.


While Gretel didn’t fall for the bait so easily, she could not accept Hansel being taken away from her. Tunison said that she just came into the van and lay next to him to avoid being separated.

The pair of dogs were initially going to be separated for their safety when they were first admitted to the shelter. However, even very sweet dogs can behave in unpredictable ways and attack other dogs. They thought the pair of dogs would be less likely to be attacked if they were split up.

No matter where they took the pair of dogs, the two of them never stopped breaking their way through doors to be with each other.

Eventually, the staff decided to let them both share a kennel, and they walked outside together. They had their own beds, but they still slept in the same one.  This might have been as a result of them being scared and their closeness gave them security, or a case of having spent months out in the cold together, and their union up kept them going.

The staff decided that adopting the pair of dogs together was the only rational way to adopt them.

One of the staff members in the shelter, Devon Carr, took a photo of the two angels and posted it on Facebook. This attracted the attention of exactly the right person.

Rachel Harris, who had recently moved from Chicago to Dallas, was in need of some time to fully settle in, and was thinking about adopting some dogs. She saw that photo on Facebook and fell in love. She decided she must have them.

Even though it was more than a thousand miles away, she immediately called the shelter and asked for the dogs. They told her that another family was waiting up to adopt them, but luckily for Harris, that didn’t happen. However, she still went for it and persuaded the shelter that she could provide the best home for them.

Harris had some friends who rescue animals, and she contacted the shelter for a good word. They also took up their transfer to Texas.

They spent about three weeks with Harris and they could not have been better at their new home and are now named Gigi and Hank. Harris opened a page on Instagram to inform their fans.

She says that they kiss anyone who enters. They used to be together for each other, but now they also owe their existence to their new mother.

The pair of dogs no longer need to sleep so closely together and they don’t mind being slightly apart from one another. Whenever Harris wakes them up, they follow her all the time wherever she goes. Everything worked out and they are very happy.

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