A pizza deliveryman by the name of Steven Donovan was on the road to deliver some pizzas like he usually does, but one day, something caught his attention as he was driving. What could it be?

It was a small black furry creature dashing across four lanes of traffic. It had to have been a dog! Donovan knew exactly what to do.

Donovan was aware that he would most likely not be able to deliver all of his pizzas in time if he went after the dog. He would have to issue an apology to his customers.


He could even be fired by his boss for not following the route he was supposed to take. However, his heart told him exactly what was the right thing to do: put the dog’s life and safety first, before his job.

Donovan didn’t hesitate to turn his car around before getting onto one of the major roads. He immediately went to look for the dog. Where could the furry fellow have run off to?

He found the dog after the dog had run away and quickly put the dog into his car. He wanted the dog to be safe from the oncoming traffic, but he put the dog near the pizzas in his car.

Donovan looked at the furry friend’s name tag. It said his name was Mr. Snickers and it also had an address written on the tag. The home of Mr. Snickers was about 2.5 miles from where he found him on the streets.

Donovan went to resume dropping off the rest of the pizzas in his car. When he brought the pizza to the customers, he told them he was sorry the pizza was late, but he had to take care of a dog rescue first. He also had to hurry off to his next customers.

Fortunately, the customers weren’t mad at all that their pizza came late. They thought the dog rescue was adorable!

What’s also amazing is that Mr. Snickers didn’t attempt to eat any of the pizzas even though he was probably hungry from being far from his home. Mr. Snickers somehow knew that it was his rescuer’s job to deliver those pizzas and didn’t want to get the person who saved him fired.

Donovan knew where Mr. Snickers lived from the address written on his name tag and brought the furry fellow home. It turns out that his real owner had moved to a different house, but he didn’t update his dog’s name tag. Mr. Snickers’s old neighbors offered to take care of the dog until they found his owner’s new house.

Mr. Snickers is now safe and happy due to the kindness of Steven Donovan the pizza deliveryman and his willingness to put his duty of rescuing the dog first and his job second!

Thanks to our friends at TheDodo for sharing this story!



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