Jessie was only 6 years old when she was found by Soi Dog Foundation. She wandered the streets of Thailand and struggled for several years just to be able to survive. In 2016, rescuers from the foundation sent her to the United States with hopes of finding her a forever loving family.

Unfortunately, Jessie’s search isn’t over yet. Rather, she’s spent the last 3 years in a crowded and busy shelter in the city of Long Beach in New York. And the poor dog seemed to have lost all hope already.

“It’s just very painful seeing any animal suffer and deteriorate inside a shelter,” said Beth Zimmerman who used to volunteer with Posh Pets and Long Beach Animal Shelter, the place where Jessie presently lives.


There are several possible reasons why Jessie seems to be having trouble finding the perfect family. One, she needs some time warming up to anyone, probably because of her old life in Thailand. She’s overlooked most of the times.

But as Zimmerman said, “Beneath the sassy and tough exterior is one sweet and loving dog.” Jessie responds to love and kindness that surprises anyone around her. She’s started to roll over for some belly rubs now that she’s learned the shelter staff means no harm.

Another possibility is that because Jessie’s one black dog. In most cases, black dogs find it more difficult finding a home. Unlike other dogs, Jessie doesn’t present very well in online photos where people usually begin their adoption search.

Staffers and volunteers at the shelter have all been doing what they can in helping Jessie. Annie Barbatsuly, a volunteer dog walker, regularly takes Jessie out for a walk. She makes sure that Jessie wears her vest that says ‘adopt me’ every time they go out. She also distributes business cards that contain Jessie’s bio link and other information.

Photo Credits to Beth Zimmerman via The Dodo

“She’s created several online profiles of Jessie. And routinely, she posts to various rescue sites and Facebook groups of Border collie fanatics.”

Sadly, nothing seems to work. Jessie, now 9, seems to think that no one likes her. She’s been observed dropping her shoulders and head with the look of defeat after her walk with Barbatsuly. But despite all of her difficulties, her shelter family is hopeful that soon enough, the perfect family will come forward and take her home.

“When shown true kindness, Jessie repays it tenfold. In so many ways, she’s like a diamond in the rough. Her carefulness can obscure her remarkable spirit and affectionate nature.”




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