The long cold winters can be harsh to anybody, but particularly to animals who have been abandoned by their families. Such is the case of this poor but cute kitten named HarPurr.

HarPurr, the crippled kitten

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HarPurr is a crippled kitten. She was abandoned by mom when she was only three weeks old. You can simply imagine how difficult it was to fend for herself. She was young and motherless, and can’t walk on her hind legs.


But there’s a silver lining for HarPurr. She was rescued by a woman named Shannon Basner of Alaska’s KAAAT’s, an animal rescue group.

HarPurr was given a warm place to stay and was fed until she was well enough. The rescue people nursed her back to health until she can play and snuggle as normal kittens would.

Unfortunately, the damage to HarPurr’s hind legs is now irreversible. But that didn’t dampen her spirit. She continued to live with a positive attitude. She’s also one loved kitten. Volunteers would wrap her up in thick blankets and bring her toys. She even had her own cat stuffed toy that served as her companion.

Cider, HarPurr’s mother figure

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But more than anything, what HarPurr needs is the love and affection of a mother. And out of the people and other animals in the world, she picked the most unlikely mother figure: a Siberian husky.

Shannon took HarPurr home where she lives with three other dogs. One of them is Cider, a doting husky. When the two first met, HarPurr immediately connected with the dog. Fortunately, Cider the husky was more than happy to take on the role of a mother and even gave the kitten snuggles as a warm welcome.

Cinder spent many years outdoors. She even had her own litters before Shannon took her in. It was perhaps natural for her to feel motherly instinct towards baby animals, may they be dogs, cats or anything else.

Shannon also put HarPurr on a cart that helped her walk despite her cripple. When HarPurr does an excellent job with her “walking” exercises, Cider would be there to shower the kitten with wet licks and kisses.

Here’s a touching video of HarPurr, and her surrogate mother Cider, courtesy of Love Meow.

Thanks to our friends at The Animal Rescue Site for sharing this story.



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