The stray dog did not have a home, an owner, or a lover. He did; however, have a companion in a fluffy stuffed bear he snuggled with to keep him going.

Kourtnee Blount was driving in a town last week in Montgomery, Texas, and she noticed a dog all by himself next to his bear on the grass in between two houses.

Blount thinks that the dog must have pulled the bear out from the trash can as there was a lot of other trash around in the area. It was likely someone threw out the teddy bear and the dog picked it up so that he could have someone else to live his life with.


Blount said that this broke her heart. It was so sad to see the dog in this situation.

Many people let their dogs wander around freely within their neighborhoods, so Blount was wondering if the dog had an owner. However, she asked others whether they owned this dog or not, no one said that they were his owner, and some said the dog has been there for a whole month.

Blount took and pictures of the dog with his bear and put them on Facebook, asking if there was anyone willing to save him. Fortunately, a rescued named Destiny Swatzel volunteered to take in Teddy (the name she gave to the dog with the teddy bear). Initially when Swatzel got there, she was sure that she was too late.

She thought Teddy was dead when she arrived on the scene. Teddy was lying down in the middle of the street. However, Teddy came up to her and lifted up his head. Phew, he was still alive!

Swatzel was also debating whether she should take in the teddy bear, the companion Teddy spent the last month with, and decided against it because the rain caused the bear to be all soggy and muddy. However, Teddy did not mind parting with the bear as he now had people who cared about him.

Unfortunately, Teddy threw up a lot of chicken bones, plastic remains, leaves, and stones. Teddy clearly had to scavenge for food since no one was feeding him and as a result, he resorted to putting a lot of inedible materials in his mouth. It really breaks my heart that a living thing had to live under those circumstances.

Swatzel took Teddy home provide him his first real meal in over a month and a much needed warm bath. She also let him run around with her other dogs.

Later on in the day, Teddy was taken to the home of Mary St. Dizier (a fellow dog rescuer). It was initially going to be a temporary home for him, but it ended up being his permanent home.

St. Dizier fell for Teddy as soon as she laid eyes upon him. He was going to stay with her forever!

She renamed Teddy to Blue, now spends his days playing with his brother, a dog named Bear, and with his sister, a cat named Patches. He now has living pals to spend his days with and goes to the park with them. Blue is so much better off now than when he had to scavenge for food by himself in the middle of nowhere.

Blue now has a permanent home, but there are other dogs out there that could really use a home. There is a Facebook page called A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue dedicated to helping more dogs find owners who love them.

Thanks to our friends at TheDodo for sharing this story!



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