There’s a dog on the loose!

Your dog has escaped and may have wanted to get some “me” time himself. And so he has gone loose and may be running on the streets. This happens to most dog owners and getting the dog back after he has found his “freedom” may take some time.

Most dogs go home after some time when they get tired running around and exploring the neighborhood. The problem with this is that they may go places that they are not supposed to go.


Other people may even pick them up and not return them to you. And then what could happen is that your pet may even get hit by vehicles and you would not want that to happen.

Experts who have studied dog behavior are saying that to be able to get your dog back and let him come to you, it would be best not to call his name. This may not work especially if your dog is all worked up with the exciting thing that he has discovered.

There is another way to do that and that is to make sure that your pet is calmed down and let him come to you on his own. Running after your pet may only make him run even further away.

Why you should not shout at your dog

Many dog owners would shout out their dog’s name in the hopes that the pup would come back to them. See, when you call your dog when you are at home, you are not shouting. And they would come running. However, on the streets, it is a different thing.

You would shout. But the thing is, experts say that dogs become scared when they hear loud noises. And your shouting just may be that thing. So shouting to them to come back to you just may not work and may only end up having your pet running far away from you.

What you can do instead

Experts have it that instead of shouting at your dog to come back to you, what you should do is you sing to your pet. Yes, that is right. Singing. That may sound insane but it does work. You can sing just about any song that may be calming for your pet.

The thing about singing is that you will be using your voice in a good way that does not scare off your pet. This means that your dog will most probably hear you. It will most likely calm him down and get him to come running back to you. Just remember that you should do this calmly yourself because your dog knows when you are afraid or fearful. So be calm yourself so as to calm your dog down as well.  

When you do see your dog, make sure that you do not go and grab him as it can cause him to run away again. What you can do is you can sit down when you see him especially if he sees you. It will show him that you are not authoritative over him. Try and not look him directly in the eyes as this may scare him off.



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