Can You Communicate with Another Species Besides Humans?

Can you communicate with dogs and speak their language? I bet you can do it a lot better than you think you can. If you were to live in a world with only dogs in it, you could probably understand almost everything they’re saying.

If you see dogs that are happy, sad, lost, scared, tired, angry, or bored, there’s a good chance you understand exactly how those dogs are feeling.


Have You Learned Any Languages For Free?

The very first human language that you learned (English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc), did you have to put effort towards learning that language? My guess is no, you learned it without even having to try to achieve fluency in that language.

I bet you picked up a ton of vocabulary simply from listening to the others around you speaking that language. If you lived in a world with dogs all around you, you would probably simply come to understand them without it seemingly like you have to learn a foreign language from the ground up.

Many humans and dogs live together in the same world. Many of us don’t live solely with other humans, we live together with other species (dogs, cats, birds, etc) as well. Humans and dogs go a long way back, we have a relationship with dogs that goes 10,000 to 20,000 years back. Humans and dogs have quite a history of coexisting together.

Is it Really Possible For Two Different Species to Coexist Together?

Here’s an example of two different species living together, working together, and protecting each other so that they can both live on. It’s the shark and remora fish pairing! Quite the unlikely pairing, but they both cooperate really well together!

Remora fish are small fish, usually between one and three feet long. Remora fish have dorsal fins that act like suction cups that allow them to attach to sharks. They can also attach to manta rays, whales, and even humans!

Remora fish eat the parasites living on the skin of the sharks. They also eat the occasional prey that the shark leaves behind, which is quite a convenient food source as they don’t have to hunt for food themselves. Feeding off of the parasites keeps the sharks happy because the parasites would irritate the shark if no one ate them. It is unhealthy for the sharks if organisms grow on the sharks.

What do the remora fish get in return from keeping the sharks happy? Sharks protect the remora fish and give them free rides in the oceans. Some sharks even risk their own survival for more remora fish to attach themselves onto the sharks. It is possible for two different species to coexist with each other.

Do Humans and Dogs Care About Each Other the Same Way?

Humans and dogs share an alliance. There are approximately 900 million dogs worldwide. American dog owners typically spend more than $2000 per year on food, toys, and medical care for their dogs and some spend even more!

Humans can be so close to their dogs that they risk their own survival to avoid leaving their dogs behind. During Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, many dog owners refused to evacuate by themselves because in doing so, they would be abandoning their dogs.



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