Your Dog’s Digestive System

Learning about your furry friend’s digestive system can be crucial to determining whether your dog is good health or not and whether you should take your dog to the vet.

Your dog depends on his digestive system in order to remain healthy and it’s always a good idea to fully understand how your dog’s digestive system works in order to be fully prepared to take care of him or her.


(1) The Digestive Systems In Dogs Works At A Different Speed Than Your Own

In our human stomachs, it takes approximately 20 to 30 hours for food to stay in our stomachs before it reaches the large intestine. In dogs, it takes about 6 to 7 hours, meaning that dogs must use the toilet more often than humans do.

Dogs also move their food through their intestines faster than we humans do in our bodies.

(2) Dogs Can Only Chew Up And Down

Humans have jaws that can chew in both side-to-side movements and in up and down movements. This allows us to grind the food that we chew more easily.

On the contrast, dogs have jaws that can only handle the up and down movements and not side-to-side. It’s a smart idea to give your dog foods that don’t require to be chewed side-to-side in order to digest.

There are historical reasons as to why dogs have developed different jaws than humans. Dogs (and also wolves) used to chew meat almost exclusively and chewing meat didn’t require chewing side-to-side. Dogs used to rip their meat apart easily with their up-and-down chewing movements and swallow the meat without needing to chew side-to-side.

The plants that humans consumed required more chewing and grinding and as a result, we have the ability to chew side-to-side as our ancestors did so in the past.

(3) Many Types Of Dogs Can Eat Carbs

Present day dogs are omnivores, as we humans are. Dogs, wolves, and their ancestors used to be carnivores who ate meat almost exclusively. However, ever since humans started to adopt dogs as pets and fed their dogs plant-based meals, dogs have become omnivores who can digest both plant-based foods and animal-based foods.

Carnivores require a large intake of animal nutrients and protein. However, omnivores don’t require such large amounts and can sustain themselves on vegetable acids and oils. Since dogs have become omnivores, dogs can digest carbs into their bodies.

Humans can feed their dogs potatoes and breads and their dogs will have no problems digesting these foods. Dogs can also consume pastas, but only if they are plain and don’t contain too much sauce and are not too salty.




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