Love Dogs? Find More About Them!

Dogs are the only species to have specifically evolved to become the companions of humans. Humans and dogs share a relationship that goes quite a long way back, 10,000 to 20,000 years.

No other animals share an alliance with humans in the same way that dogs do. It is natural that humans take quite a liking to our loyal and furry mates and here are three fascinating things about dogs that you might not have known!


(1) Dogs Have Their Own Way Of Drinking Water

Humans drink water either through a straw or by holding the edge of the glass up to our lips and pouring it into our mouths. I bet you’ve never seen dogs drink like this before though, by holding their bowls of water with their paws and tilting the water into their mouths!

You always see dogs positioning their heads above the water and sipping with their tongues without getting their mouths or noses wet.

Dogs form a spoon-shaped cup with their tongues and elevate the water up to their mouths by holding it in their spoon-shaped tongues. Dogs move their tongues up and down very quickly to elevate more and more water from the bows up to their mouths.

If you’re ever wondering why your furry friend drinking water causes the water to splash “everywhere”, it’s due to the way dogs drink water.

(2) All Dogs Have Their Own Nose Prints

I bet a good amount of you unlock your phones using your fingerprints. This works because all humans have unique fingerprints, which can be used to identify ourselves.

Did you know that dogs also have unique nose prints? That’s right, no two dog noses have the same nose prints! It is possible to accurately distinguish your own furry friend from someone else’s by their nose prints.

(3) Dogs Don’t Sweat The Same Way That Humans Do

We humans sweat through our skin and I bet you are aware of the parts on your body that sweat the most. However, dogs sweat through their paw pads and tongues rather than through their skin. This is where they release heat from their bodies. Dogs also pant and panting is one of their main sources of cooling power.

(4) Dogs Spin In Circles

I’m sure you’ve seen your dog spin round and round and round before going down for some sleep! You might be wondering why dogs go around so many times.

It’s been passed down from your furry friend’s ancestors who used to live outside rather than as a domestic dog. Spinning around in circles is what dogs used to do to flatten tall grass so that they would have a smoother bed of grass to sleep on for better rest.

It’s not necessary for a dog to do this inside your house if you have a flat floor for him or her to lay on, but it’s an action he or she picked up from previous generations of dogs.




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