(1) Your Dog Can Pick Up Your Vocal Tone

Imagine someone is trying to speak to you in a language you know nothing about. If he says to you, “Hi! My name is John Smith. Nice to meet you!”, you might not know the words he is saying, but I bet you can tell that it’s some kind of greeting based on how welcoming his voice sounds.

If he tells you, “You! Get out of here!”, you can probably figure out what he is saying by his angry tone even without knowing what all the words are coming out of his mouth. Dogs have the same ability to pick up the vocal tones of their owners.


If a dog owner speaks in a happy tone or an angry tone, the dog can usually figure it out whether he should be excited or fearful. Your dog might also dash to help you or save you if you call out “Help!” because he can feel it in your voice how threatened it sounds. Your dog can live on the same wavelength as you even without understanding the words you say.

(2) Dogs Can Dream as Humans Do

Many dogs twitch their noses, move their paws, and sniff with their noses while they are sleeping and sometimes their owners wonder what their dogs are doing. It turns out that dogs can indeed dream as humans do and their bodies react slightly to the dreams that they are experiencing. This is not dissimilar to how humans move around slightly as we are dreaming.

You might wonder what your dog is dreaming about. Researchers believe that dogs typically dream that they are playing, running around, running after or with their owners, or chasing different animals as they normally do during the day time.

(3) There is Meaning Behind the Ways Dogs wave their tails

It is a common misconception that dogs who are waving their tails are happy. That is somewhat true, but only if the dog waves his tail to the right is he happy. If your dog waves his tail to the left, he is indicating to you that he is fearful of something. If he brings his tail closer to the ground, he wants to show you that he is nervous about something. Waving his tail rapidly in all directions could mean that he is gearing up for a battle. He could be picking a fight with another animal or human.



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