Our dogs are the apples of our eyes; it was love at first sight when we took them in and this doesn’t change not even in their senior years. However, it has been discussed that, arguably, Asian dog breeds are the cutest out of all the breeds around the globe. Here’s a list of the top 5 and we will let you decide.

Shiba Inu

Used as the image of “doge” found on internet memes, the Shiba Inu is ranked as the cutest out of all the Asian dog breeds. They have fox-like features that give them this adorable look and on top of that, they have a very friendly face that’s almost inviting you to pet them.


Chow chow


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They have two look types: bear type and lion type. But whichever look they have, they will always be adorable. Chow chows are the most expensive dogs in the world if you are looking to buy a puppy from a pet store. They are also one of the very first domesticated breeds in the world.

Chinese Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei dogs also originated from China a long way back. They were bred during the Han dynasty. Together with the Chow chow, they are the only dog breeds with blue tongues. The Shar-Pei dogs have very wrinkly skin that served as a defense mechanism when the wild boars that they hunted decide to fight back and bite them.

Tibetan mastiff

Obviously, this breed is from Tibet and as you can imagine it is freezing up there. This is why the Tibetan mastiff dogs have that very thick mane that makes them look a lot larger than they already are. Despite that thick coat, they do not shed often but instead lose their fur once a year.


pug, puppy, dog

Yes, you heard that right, pugs actually originated in Asia. They were bred by Tibetan monks way back since 400 B.C. They have that distinct goofy face, but cute and adorable all the same. They were so adored by the Chinese emperors that they were adopted and given the royal treatment. Those who were adopted lived lavish lifestyles, just like royalty.



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