Dogs are quite the intelligent creatures. When we take them somewhere, they usually know exactly whether it’s to the park, to play, for a walk outside, or to the vet for a checkup. Can’t fool them!

A woman by the name of Ann Flores in Houston, Texas witnessed a dog being dragged by his owner from the parking lot to an overcrowded kill shelter. The dog knew exactly what was up. He wasn’t being taken outside for a daily walk or taken to the vet’s office, he was being taken to the kill shelter!

The dog was fighting for his life. He tried his best to not budge and to make it as frustrating as possible for his owner to drag him to his death.


Being abandoned and killed in a kill shelter with other animals is the last thing he wanted! He was clinging on for dear life!

Flores was dumbfounded to see another dog owner trying to do the exact same cruelty to another dog. These dog owners were just disposing of their dogs like garbage to be crushed up. The dogs were literally being treated like trash rather than life forms!

Flores was baffled at their extreme disregard for life. She took some pictures and videos and sent them to the Harris County Animal Volunteers, a group of animal lovers who volunteer to find new homes for dogs and cats. The kill shelter was almost full and soon would kill the additional stray animals, so it was imperative to rescue these dogs as soon as possible.

These dogs were facing euthanasia (the killing of a patient) in four days and unless the dogs were re-homed soon, it would be the end of the road for them. I find this downright cruel to these dogs. If you would never do this to your own child, why would anyone do this to your own pets?

Fortunately, the volunteers got to work right away and successfully found new homes and owners for both of the dogs (named Mandi and Truman) within days. Both dogs had successfully escaped for the sake of their lives thanks to their rescuers.

The dogs were still traumatized from the experience. Mandi was also facing with some health issues. Here eyes were swollen and she was missing a lot of her fur. Truman couldn’t walk at first and was scared to approach his new owner.

Their new owners had noticed that these dogs had seen better days. However, their new owners have given their dogs plenty of affection and love and are well along their roads to recovery. Time and a loving owner have taken the sting away for Truman and Mandi is in much better condition as well.

Thanks to our friends at Boredpanda for sharing this story!



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