Khemjira Klongsanun is one of Bangkok, Thailand’s running enthusiasts. And while she loves joining racing competitions, Klongsanun acknowledged that there are things that are way significant than setting a time record.

About two weeks ago, during a local marathon that Klongsanun participated in, something caught her eyes. Several miles before reaching the mark of the 26th mile, she spotted one tiny creature. On the side of the road was a small puppy with neither a mother nor an owner in sight.

Klongsanun could have gone and continued on her way. But leaving the little pup on her own was something Klongsanun couldn’t do. So instead, she briefly put the race on hold. Klongsanun stopped then scooped the poor puppy up onto her arms. And there was more than she did.


For the remainder of the marathon, about 19 miles, Klongsanun ran carrying the puppy in her arms. Finally, the little one is safe and held by good hands. Definitely, Klongsanun had chances of handing the pup over to an eager spectator or, perhaps, a race official. Yet, she chose not to.

Here’s the footage that captured the runner’s kind act. The little one sure was with her as they reached the end of the race and crossed the finish line:

เรื่องราวของการ วิ่งยังไง ให้ได้หมากลับบ้านการวิ่ง 42 Km.จอมบึงมาราธอน 2019อย่าลังเลที่จะช่วยใครการช่วยเหลือผู้อื่นเป็นสิ่งนึงที่ช่วยขจัดกิเลสในตัวเราขอบคุณผู้ถ่ายคลิปนี้ไว้ได้ คุณ Noom Phuwis Lorkamnoedผู้รับอุปการะสุนัข คุณ Polsin Sinsamoe‎

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Video Credits to Facebook/Nak Doenthang Rak

But this isn’t the end for the racer and her peculiar running companion. Immediately at the end of the marathon, Klongsanun took the little pup, now called Nong Chom, and welcomed her as an official member of the family. After their much–needed and well–deserved rest, Klongsanun brought Nong Chom to a vet to make sure she’s well enough.

Before long, Nong Chom had met Klongsanun’s other family dogs and she fit in just right. The once lonesome stray pup is now surrounded with lots of love and attention.

Meanwhile, Klongsanun went back to the spot where Nong Chom was found. She looked around the area to see if Nong Chom’s mother and siblings also needed help. But as it turned out, Nong Chom was indeed on her own.

Klongsanun may have lost time during the race. But for her, it doesn’t matter any longer for the amount of love and affection that lies ahead is more than the record she would have made.



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