Perspective is a funny thing, when we are young, our parents and grandparents are our heroes without limitation. We are blind to what happens over time as we age. It is almost that we are incapable of seeing the effects time has on our bodies and minds.

It is only until we are adults do these dark realities become apparent, and we can not help but notice the impact it has on our aging loved ones. We become the protectors, the heroes for our aging and fragile loved ones. This inversion induces a role reversal of sorts; however, the love never changes and remains balanced.

Molly McManimie, presently residing in Las Vegas, wanted to share her experience regarding her Grandmother. Molly’s Grandmother was one of 3 children, with 2 of her brothers succumbing to Alzheimer’s. Due to the nature of hereditary regarding the disease, Molly’s family was fearful that the disease would be her Grandma Betty’s fate as well.


Sadly, Betty began the onset of the disease causing several detrimental changes in her lifestyle and quality of her life. It has been tragic for her children, and grandchildren, to watch their ones energetic Grandma gradually become more impaired. Maggie speaks her Betty’s passion for cooking and how she can no longer partake in her past time due to her failing memory causing her to miss key ingredients.

Despite her Alzheimer’s progressing, Grandma Betty insisted on a dog at her side. Her kids believed that a dog would be a daily companion that would she could keep at her side.

Molly’s family know the therapeutic benefits a dog can give from their experiences, and after propositioning their Grandfather (traditionally opposed of dog’s in the past), the family were all in agreement that a dog would be perfect for Betty. The daily work of taking care of a pet, happiness, and company it would bring would benefit both Betty and her Husband.

At last, after searching the web rescue sites Fenton was discovered. Fenton, a small dog, reminded Molly and her family of the dog her father and sisters had when they were young. The dog was adopted and presented as a surprise to Betty, for she would never think her husband would sign off on such a gift.

As her family guessed, the day Betty received Fenton was special and full of happiness. They watched as her condition seemed to pause, and all of her anxiety melted away. The joy of her holding her four-legged friend was overwhelming and apparent. The connection made between dogs and their owners is evident through the joy and emotion their friendships forge in us.

Their therapeutic potential is power and paramount to treating the sadness we feel as we age. Betty is a beautiful example of how a loving relationship between human and dog, can overcome life’s hardships and give us peace of mind and soul. When Molly asked her father if Betty can remember Fenton’s name, he responded beautifully with,” No, but she remembers she loves him. That’s all that matters.”

Thanks to our friends at Shareably for sharing this story!



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